Covid 19 Policy

Our Studio Safety Measures

Please read our policy carefully before entering the DC premises. We have set the rules below with your safety as our priority to help prevent any transmission of Covid 19. We ask that you take each rule seriously, as your health and wellbeing is paramount to us and any breach of the rules will result in you being asked to leave the premises.

  1. If you have been in contact with anyone who has been displaying Covid 19 symptoms or if you have any yourself, then please do not enter the building.
  2. Please ensure you have washed your hands and used hand sanitiser on entry to the building and at the hand sanitising units throughout the building.
  3. Your temperature will be taken on entry to the building along with your name and contact details for the government track and trace system. Please do not enter the building without us collating this information.
  4. Please avoid non-essential touch where possible..
  5. All children under 11years do not have to social distance with any teenagers or adults or wear face masks.
  6. Within our classes children over 11 years and adults not living together will be kept 2m part, of which the teacher will monitor.
  7. Please respect everyone's safety.
    Studio 1 — 15 over 12 years & 30 under 11 years
    Studio 2 — 15 over 12 years & 20 under 11 years
    Baby step classes will need each child to be accompanied in class with 1 parent/guardian from the same family.
  8. The current guidelines allow 2 families to sit on one table but must remain seated and not walk around. (This also applies to ALL children ) Once the café/waiting area is at its full Covid capacity, we will only allow the persons in who need to access their class and ask spectators to wait in their cars or on the outside astro turfed areas provided - socially distanced. You will be able to use out takeaway service to purchase drinks and food.
  9. All doors and windows will be kept open to allow air flow.
  10. Please do not arrive to the building more than 5 mins before the start of the class.
  11. Please arrive at class fully dressed in your dance clothes. Only bring a dance shoe bag with you and take straight into the dance studio with you to leave in the allocated white box shelves.
  12. Only one toilet will be in use and it is a strictly a one in one out policy. We ask that you wipe the toilet with anti bac wipes provided before and after and then wash your hands. Please do not put the wipes down the toilet.
  13. Toilets will be cleaned every 30 mins and all door handles will be wiped regularly. We ask that you help us keep the premises as clean as possible by taking your rubbish with you and wiping your table with the wipes provided before you leave.
  14. Please leave the building straight after your class, however you are welcome to stay in our outside areas providing you use the 2 mtr social distance.
  15. Teachers will always wear protective masks unless they have a medical condition. We ask that everyone wears a mask whilst in our building and only remove when eating or having your dance class. DC face masks will be available at reception to purchase.
  16. Please pay for any classes via our website. Private lessons need to be paid by our cash exchange policy displayed in reception.
  17. Please note studio numbers will be reduced so booking is essential.
  18. Please follow the one-way system clearly marked in the studio and the correct entry and exits to help us all to keep safe.

Please click here to see our covid-19 prevent certificate.